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i640GYM, established in 2016 is a functional training and performance facility, including dedicated exclusive personal training area, small group training area, (CrossFit Amstelveen), clean bathrooms, physiotherapy, yoga and lounge area. Designed with one thing in mind; the athlete’s experience!
The first complete functional training facility in Amstelveen to help you achieve your fitness goals, safe, efficient and fast.

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“To build a health-conscious community able to overcome any fitness challenge and perform better in daily life.”


Our code of conduct – How we interact and operate as an organization. We promote & follow a very strict set of core values that we not only stand by, but live by;

What we are:


    We are experts in our field, but we stay hungry to learn more and keep our skills up-to-the-minute (white-belt mentality)

  • 02. PASSION

    We love what we do, we have passion to relentlessly pursue perfection in our coaching, we have passion for fitness, healthy nutrition, the human body, human beauty, helping people, challenging ourselves, and fighting down the impossible.


    We only practice what we believe. Our love for sport is in our DNA.

How we treat our members:

  • 01. EMPATHY

    We are all athletes, so we have gone through your pain ourselves. We know how it feels to have a fitness goal and work hard to achieve it. We will guide you with our academic and practical knowledge of a safe and efffcient training to enjoy the journey of reaching your fitness goals.

  • 02. RESPECT

    We respect differences and limitations but disregard failure and ego. We train to respect the bodies we have been given and to maximize human potential.

  • 03. DEVOTION

    We do what we promise. Your goal is our goal, and we never quit before we get you there. We are passionate athelets who have dedicated their lives to coach and inspire people with scientifically substantiated training methodes to achieve fitness goals and be a better human.

Our gym

The Name

Our specialty is not specializing! We design training programs where each muscle in your body will work and (i) improve. There are approximately (640) skeletal muscles within the typical human body.

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Our promises

  • No boring machines
  • No never-ending routiness
  • No agonizing diets

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The passionate founder behind i640GYM

For the past 21 years, I’ve been dedicated to the fitness industry. I’ve grown through the years starting as a competitive martial arts athlete and progressing on to work for the most significant global fitness chains.

Starting as a fitness instructor, I continued to develop both, my knowledge and skills, resulting in me becoming a senior gym manager. However, I felt that at this level I was no longer working directly with the people I was so interested in helping. The global gym chains were becoming full of machines and clients who were busy “moving” instead of “training”.
The environment was of people watching TV screens and aimlessly running on treadmills, which did not match my vision and desire to change lives through fitness.

The environment was of people wa

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i640Gym is a training & performance facility for people who train with passion and don’t believe in excuses. If you believe diets and running for hours on the treadmill will get you in shape, i640Gym is not for you.

Our trainers are professional athletes who have dedicated their lives to coach and inspire people with science-based training methods, to achieve their fitness goals. They are passionate about sport and hungry about fitness and health knowledge to learn and to share. They are not there to entertain you, but to inspire you to get better.

With our custom-made coaching programs, your dedication and hard work, amazing things will be achieved. Day after day.

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We are the gym for everybody but not for every mind. For us your mindset state is more important than your physical state
-Aiber Kamel-


Head Coach & founder


Personal Trainer / Yoga Teacher


Personal Trainer / CrossFit L2 coach


Weightlifting / CrossFit L1 Coach

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