The passionate founder behind i640GYM

For the past 20 years I’ve been dedicated to the fitness industry. I’ve grown through the years starting as a competitive martial arts athlete, progressing on to work for the biggest global fitness chains.

Starting as a fitness instructor, I continued to develop both my knowledge and skills resulting in me becoming a senior gym manager. However, I felt that at this level I was no longer working directly with the people I was so interested in helping. The global gym chains were becoming full of machines and clients who were busy spending their time “moving” instead of “training”. The environment was of people watching TV screens and aimlessly running on treadmills, did not match my vision and my desire to change lives by fitness. Therefore, I’ve made the risky decision to leave the safety of a regular income, to develop my own personal training company.


I have been the catalyst in helping people from all walks of life, realise their fitness goals and increase their potential performance. Not only have I assisted people to change, I have been able to embrace change within my own thinking and life.

I believe that training “sometimes”, can make you fitter “sometimes”. The only way to be in a great shape and use your full potential to enjoy life every day, is to integrate your training to be an immovable part of your weekly agenda and lifestyle. 

My ultimate goal is to continue to help people overcome their physical barriers, unleash their inner power and jump start a change in their life from good to great. i640Gym is the place where I finally can practice my passion and realise dreams together with an awesome team of professionals. I enjoy spending time with my family, while making time to partake in CrossFit. I get inspired by good music and watching movies and most importantly I enjoy pure dark chocolate!

For more details about my fitness education, please connect with me on LinkedIn