nutrition consultancy

We don’t recommend any magic pills or spectacular diets, the next do’s and don’ts list is for FREE and would put everybody on the right rails of healthy nutrition. 

If you need a personal advice or you still have issues concerning bodyfat, bodyweight, energylevel, sleep quality or recovery and performance quality, please contact me for a personal advice.

General: In plain language; base your diet on eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. That’s about as simple as we can get..The stuff with long shelf life is all-circumspect.
Timing: Eat 3 meals a day plus 2 to 3 healthy snacks.

  • Eat your breakfast within 30mins after waking up.
  • Drink your protein shake, only if you need it to optimize your diet (ask me for a personal advice), within 30mins after the workout and eat your meals within 90mins after the workout.
  • Eat your last meal at least 2 hours before sleep.
  • Drink enough water, not during the meals but an half hour before or after the meal.
The best dietary prescription for you is as follows:
  • Protein should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
  • Carbohydrates should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load.
  • Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
  • Calories should be set at between 1.4 and 2.0 grams of protein per kg of lean body mass depending on your activity level. The 1.4 figure is for moderate daily workout loads and the 2.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.
  • Drink enough water, this is your bodyweight x 3 / 100. Example: Your bodyweight is 90kg; 90×3=270/100 is 2,7litre of water per day.
Which Supplements shoud I take and how much of each?

Use only the necessary supplments to optimize your diet. I’m going to explain how it works so you can independently make your own choices. The supplements are supplements so actually there is no standard dosage! We need to get all our nutrition out of the regular food plus the minimum dosage of the supplements, the dosage should be increased to the maximum in the following cases:

  • When you are not sure you did eat/ or you will not be able to eat, as healthy as you are suppose to do today
  • When you make more working hours than usual
  • When you train more or harder than usual
  • When you have an occasion where you don’t have any control about food and you might eat and drink to socialize (think about birthdays, Christmas dinner.. etc)
  • When you have a lot of stress
  • When you are sick
  • When you drink a lot of alcohol
  • When you smoke (in this case you need to use anti-oxidants like the Cell shield and of course we will help you to quit within 3 months of starting personal training )


In those cases you need a higher dosage because your regular food will not be able to cover the shortage. Contact me if you need a personal advice about the kind and amount of supplements your body might need.

sportfasting treatment

Sportfasting is a unique and powerful method, which focuses on changing your metabolism in order to make a lasting switch from burning sugar to burning fat, “the Metabolic Switch”.

You will make this metabolic switch by combining an adjusted food pattern, fasting, supplements and exercising.

The metabolic switch will stimulate the body in a way that it will gain more energy from fat instead of sugar. The results are a decreasing amount of excess fatty tissue and a reduced craving for sugar. The results are amazing: you will be permanently fitter, slimmer and more vital in only 10 days! After the programme, you can mentain this by following a few simple guidelines (‘Keep the Switch’). Your personal sportfasting track will be professionally compiled by our certified sportfasting coach; suitable to your needs and within your limits. This personal way of coaching will make sure the programme is carried out properly and maximal results are accomplished.

If you are in good mental and physical condition, are willing to keep exercising and are prepared for adjustments in your food pattern, sportfasting is the way for you to make the change, and live a slim, fit and vital life.

Sportfasting treatment is only available as part of our personal training plans.