Personal Trainer (ZZP)

Welcome to our community of personal training experts.

10 Reasons why would you build your PT business with us?

  • 1. We are not your average gym, we strive to make everyone feel at home and welcome everyone with a smile.
  • 2. We have all you need for the perfect functional Training session.
  • 3. We provide you with the privacy of a personal training studio and the equipment of a big gym
  • 4. No waiting lines for equipement.
  • 5. Outdoor possibility in front of our door, so you always can continue even in Covid lockdown times.
  • 6. 1 km from Stadshart Amstelveen. Free parking in front of the gym.
  • 7. Access to our facility and all our classes.
  • 8. No long term contracts.
  • 9. Easy booking system.
  • 10. Extended opening hours as from 06:45.

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