personal training

No gimmicks, no fads, our approach is simple.

Whether you are looking for weightloss, toning, muscle gain, sporting event preparation, or just to master a specific skill like getting your first muscle up or your first double under done, our coaches ensure you have all the support you need to get results Hit us up: [email protected] – 0-625191900

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Our personal training space is open and free of excessive equipment providing you the perfect environment to move in. We put a strong emphasis on free weight training, integrating exercises using barbells, kettlebells and gymnastic equipment into our programs.

You are two steps away from achieving your fitness goals:

Book your free consult

To setup a personal training program,
we need to have information about your health, sport- and medical history.
During this 45minutes interview,
we analyse your goals and give you information about our training method and
the possiblities to achieve your goals. Depends on your level of training and
motivation we will decide whether the coaching traject can start, and give you an
advice about the most suitable training plan for you.

Functional Movement Screening

After the interview you can book your first training session: The Functional Movement Screen. During this session we’ll analyse your posture and body composition. As you progress in your training, we’ll continue these measurements to show you how your body is changing.