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Get your “PT Test-drive Pack”
  • To design a custom-made personal training program for you, we need to collect some information about your health, sport- and medical history. Therefore you can use this introduction package with %50 discount.

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PT Test-Drive Pack (2 sessions) €90

Get 2 Personal Training sessions and pay only for one! To define your “base level” before we take-off to your fitness destination; Try-out our gym, training method and certified personal trainers, before we can start working on your fitness goal using one of our goal based pt plans. After the test drive sessions we can together decide the best plan for you.


Session #1: Goal Setting personal interview (45-60 minutes)

An interview with the head coach of i640GYM. During the meeting the fitness history and, relevant, medical and (eventually) injury history will be discussed, you will get a guided tour at the gym. The Training method and possibilities will be explained and we can make a first draft of the plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. As we respect your time, we want to give you value for each minute you spend at the gym, that’s why the interview will not be at the office, but already on a cardio machine (low intensity) so we can already burn some calories during the interview!


Session #2: Functional Movement Screening & Plan Design (45-60mins)

During this session we will apply a couple of fitness measurements and design a tailor-made plan.

This plan will be based on:

  • The goals we set during the first session
  • The scores of the fitness level screening, where the fitness history will be considered,
  • Your current medical and injury status.
  • The current nutrition pattern and the advice of our Nutritionist.

After these two sessions, you will be ready to take-off with one of our certified coaches who will help you achieve your fitness goals fast and safe.

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Book your 2 introduction sessions
  • After purchasing the test drive pack, you’ll receive 2 credits that you can use to book 2 personal training sessions in our PT reservation app “Trainin”.

  • This is an “web application” so you don’t have to go tot he store, just save this page on your home screen.

  • During the reservation you’ll find different actvities, make sure you select “Personal Training” in the calendar menu when planning your PT sessions.

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Choose your Personal Training goal based plan
  • During the Test drive sessions, your goal will be defined and your personal trainer will help you to choose one of the our Personal Training Goals Based Plans.

Choose your Personal Training goal based plan »